Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cross-dress Cosplay as Luffy

In conjunction with the animation event in my college, i decided to cosplay as Luffy =D
This is the first time i cosplay. The experience is pretty awesome. And the feeling when you're posing with several poses and peoples are taking photo of you, it's kinda fun.
Many of my friends ask me why i choose to cosplay as Luffy. Well, only 2 reasons i can give u guys are: 
  1. I love Luffy!!!
  2. The costume is pretty easy to find.The cost it's kinda expensive actually. But if compared with other cosplay costumes, mine is consider cheap already.
Here's a very cute Luffy's picture:



There was a cosplay competition happening on the event day. There were not much cosplayers. Only below 20 of cosplayers if i'm not mistaken. 

I was one of them. 

The most awkward moment during cosplay is role-hitting with others. There were 2 more guys cosplay as Luffy too. Which means there were 3 Luffys including me!! Apparently, My cosplay is the most resemble to Luffy! Yet, I'm proud of it. 

I feel like telling other cosplayers. Please use your heart and do your best if you wanna cosplay. Please respect the character that you choose to cosplay. Never insult the image of a character. 
There is no 100% resemble cosplay but at least reach 80% of similar percentage. 

Okay, done crapping. back to the topic. Here's some of my cosplay photos. Hope you guys will like it! 


I brought my cosmetics to college and started my make up while i was waiting for Ka Wai. She came to college on that day and helped me did my hairstyle. She has a pretty nice skills. 

LOL! I look like a boss in this pix!! No doubt, The young lady who was helping to tie my hair was Ka Wai. And look! Here's my hairstyle of that day! Nice right?!

I have no idea how did she tie it. it's just freaking awesome!! 

Ka Wai was my hairstylist of that day. And Meng Hong was my photographer! Joel was my consultant+assistant! Jun Di was my supporter! lol! just kidding! Anyway, i appreciate every single thing. Thank you for everything guys!! Thank you for your support on that day!! *Big hug for every of you guys!* 

My hairstyle was done in the IT meeting room. I was the only one representative from IT Department! LOL!! 

With a Star Wars cosplayer. 


Never take a pix with meng hong! sad! 

I won 3rd place in the cosplay competition. heehee! I have the well-performance on stage. anyway, i just attend it for fun. My main purpose is cosplaying only. LOL! 

p/s: i am behind of sean! he blocked me accidentally! LOL!

Don't be scare! he is just a fake vampire. BTW, he won 2nd place in the competition. 


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