Saturday, July 21, 2012

Luffy-->Female Version Cosplay

peeps, finally im back. I had neglected my blog for a long time. Now i'm back with a new post about cosplay. My first semester had just end.

1st of August there will be an animation/anime event in my college, HELP CAT.

I'm going to cosplay as Luffy!! This is my first cosplay. I choose to cosplay as luffy because i like him very much. Next, the costume is quite easy to find. I bought his straw hat when i went to AFA 2012. So now i just need to buy a blue shorts and a red west. 

I browse some luffy girl cosplayer pix. Some of it are sexy. Since i cosplay female version of luffy, I guess i shall try to come out with a half-sexy-west that show my waist out.

My cosplay style is sexy and cute. Will going to start shopping from monday. Need to hunt a red west, blue shorts, slipper and some cosmetics. Now still thinking what type of make up should i do. Luffy's eyes are round and big. So i think my make up should be more natural and focus on my freaking small and tiny eyes. should let them looks bigger.

Apparently, Luffy's hair is short. I'm not going to cut my hair or buy fake hair. I wanna keep my hair long. so i probably ask my friend to help me tie twin pony tails or what else. She said she would design a hairstyle for me depends on my make up and dressing on that day. She is nice, right?! =D love ya sweetie! =D

Luffy is a guy. if you do not know about this, then you're totally outdated!! i just searched some luffy-girl's pix! or i should call her as Luffia! =D

He is Luffy!


She is Luffia!




The most perfect match couple ever!!

Below are some pix of luffy girl cosplayer: 






I will take these photos as a reference. I am very excited on my first cosplay! Hope can gain some good comments from my friends! =D


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