Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One month one post??

i realized i updated one post only during the whole month. 
be honest, i'm lazy to update my blog. 

i'm managing my company's blog currently. i update the blog everyday and now i'm sick to update my own blog. do u know it's bored when you keep doing the same thing each day?? so i never update my own blog. 

today is public holiday so i'm not working. i just open my blog and just have a look. anyway i still update my current status now. 

yea. i'm fine. but i gotta deal with some issues on my work. There's someone talks crap behind me which the reason is my position is higher than him. he is mad with this so he wanna find some methods to expel from the company. i watched a lot of movies and dramas. since i came out to work i had prepared myself for everything that might be happened. but i kinda disappointed due to his personality because his way towards me is too childish. 

hey uncle! aren't u bored with it?! you use this way to expel almost every ex-staff to leave the company! your way is outdated, dude! 

so what?? i never afraid of you. you don't even know about my background and you start to attack me behind my back?? come on, cope me? you're inexperience, noob!

if you really offend me and i pissed off, i swear you'll beg me to forgive you. this is will going to happen one day. 

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