Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Template changed, Mood Changed, Life Remains Unchanged

Template changed, Mood Changed, Life Remains Unchanged.

i had changed my blog template from dimly red to a light pink. at the same time i changed my mood too.

i'm in a good condition now. i free from exams (temporarily!). i free from high school. i no need to wear school uniforms anymore! perhaps, i need to wear it for the last time on tomorrow because i still need to sit for my last paper--> Chinese paper.
but i'm probably enjoying my holidays now. Drama marathon for everyday. i just sleep and eat everyday. after my Chinese paper i wanna find a part time job. Yet, it's time for me to get my car licence too.

i have my good buddies around my side currently. perhaps, they had been choose to attend National Service.  =(
most of my good buddies been choose and they gonna leave me for 3 months. fine, i know 3 months it's just a short period of time. but they mean a lot to me. so i really dang upset when i heard the bad news from them. but still good to hear that not most of them are in Batch 1. There has 3 batch. Pravin & Kim Leung in the first batch. which means i can't celebrate Chinese New Year with them.

As long as Valentina, Karman & Raveena can accompany me for CNY because they aren't in the first batch! =D

i am so happy that i;m not been choose to attend NS (National Service)! It's totally be a tortured for me if i attend and stay in the camp for 3 months. i'm sure that i'll be suffering like hell. luckily, i'm not been choose!

Tomorrow after my Chinese paper i go for movie immediately! one gang 5 peoples. Me, Valentina, Pravin, Kim Leung and Mun Hong. i reserved the tickets online yesterday.

YES! finally! i'm pending to watch this movie for a long time since it has released!

YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE! 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》


Totally pending for tomorrow's movie! i swear i'll come to you urgently no matter what happens!!


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