Friday, November 11, 2011

my situation??

i just simply type my post topic and start to blog.

i'm in a deep shit currently. The freaking SPM is around the corner and i can feel the air tensed around me. i even feels all of my nerves is pulling tightly which makes me more and more nervous. 

now i insomnia nearly every single night. when i'm lying on my bed, i'll automatically think about my exams stuff. but, actually my thinking is more on after-exam-stuff.  i think what am i going to do after my last paper? (chinese paper! screw it!) what job should i find? what character gonna cosplay on anime fair? 
Oh my goddess, i just can't stop thinking about this kind of not important issues! I just can't sleep, dang it!

My ex-teacher said he could feel the tensed and pressure on me but i behaved liked everything is okay. 
hell, after i heard what he said to me only i realized that i'm actually very tension. Then i asked Raveena:" hey, did u feel the tensed on me?" 
I get her replied from her, YES! 
okay, fine.everyone is very tension and pressure now. i feel a huge weight are on my shoulders now. but i know after my exam that huge weight will gonna lifted off my shoulders. And i'll be freedom!!  

Let u guys knows that there's an anime fair at the KLCC Convention Center on 17-18th of December. I can't make it on the 17th because i attend a PROM night in that day, Actually i'll be attending with my ex-bf but we never predicted that we were broke up. so now i'm going to attend with my new bf. 

I'm not too worrying about my prom night because the dresses part issues had been solved a long time ago. I just need to buy a pair of high heels shoes. About my make up part, that might be not too much of worrying. I probably will done my make up myself. Some of my friends are not well in make up part so they maybe go to saloon or beauty center to solve this main issue. 

Girls with make up are nice. And girls does need to make up when going for a date or a event. Just put some light make up and solve the problem. but it's PROM Night! which means girls needs to prepare themselves nicely so it can lure guys' attention! That'll be a big day for current single ladies! It's a night for you to mix around with guys and u might be end up your single life! Have a well-prepared and go for it, ladies! 

Actually i feel more easier to blog in English. Now every time when i switch my language bar to chinese, i face to my new-post page, inside my brain is a blank! i don't even know what the hell am i going to write. So this time i never switch it to Chinese and i face my pc again. Bravo! That's a lot of words spinning in my head like the marry-go-round and i have an urge to type it. And i did it.  

i read through the stuff i typed, i'm quite satisfied on it. No reason that this post it's quite long. I sincerely hope i can write an essay longer than this post in my exam. I hope that time there will a lot of ideas pops out from my brain. what i should do it't just elaborates all of the points and done. 

hope i have a bright future!

oh ya, guys, please wish me good luck for my exam! =D thank you  =D


Tuesday, November 8, 2011