Saturday, July 2, 2011

Japanese Language Lesson 1--> Number [Part 1]

Hey guys! This is not my first post about Japanese , but this will be my first Japanese lesson.

Before i start to blog, i wanna tell you guys that i learn Japanese by myself. One of my friend learned it in a language center so she borrowed me her test book. Sometimes she will correct my mistakes too. Actually she's a very cute girl but she never admit it. =/

I always watch anime and that's the way i learn Japanese. I have plan to learn Japanese at the language center after my SPM. But my relatives are encouraging me to learn Korean language. Honestly, I'm interesting in Korean language now. but i'm still will consider to learn it in the future. perhaps, i might be interesting to that language.

Okay, here i start my first lesson--> NUMBER.

NUMBERS                  WRITING FORM               PRONOUNCE/ROMAJI                        
1                                              一                                          ICHI

2                                             二                                           NI

3                                             三                                         SAN

4                                              四                                      SHI/YON

5                                             五                                          GO

6                                             六                                         ROKU

7                                             七                                  NANA/SHICHI

8                                             八                                         HACHI

9                                             九                                        KYU/KU

10                                            十                                           JU

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