Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outing--> Pavilion with sweetie Mun Yee

Today many of my friends were went to the Ekiden Run. I'm not joining because i'm not that active in sports.

Mun Yee also never join. So I dated her to Pavilion today! :D

we watched the "Fast and Furious 5" (Finally!). OMG! Is freaking nice! or i should the movie is totally awesome!

Pavilion is now having the Superheroes Fair, they're selling some shirts which are printed the Superheroes figure and some Superheroes Items. we took some photos there :)

Here's Mun yee with the Superman! I like her smile, is sweet.

We ate Japanese Ramen! :D is nice! i recommended her. and we took some photos in the small restaurant.
This is the ramen we ate! :D Sapporo ramen! :D

Me and my new Chanel purse :D i like that purse very much. Me an Wanteng bought the same purse. we just crazy for it!

We ate the Shimino Japanese Crepes. Is freaking nice! i recommended her too. I eat that every time i go to Pavilion. and i order the same flavor every time for no reason. =/

After we bought the crepes, i bring her to the Dome Cafe and have a tea.
i ordered Earl Grey Tea.

Okay. she captured it when i was eating my biscuits and wanna drink my tea, i never realized when she captured.

and finally, we took some pix the toilet...=.=

Have a great day with her! :D She likes to smile. she always has a sweet and charm smile. But this doesn't goes to me. I'm really to smile when take pictures because i have baby face. so when i smile, my face looks round and fat.

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