Monday, May 23, 2011


i have many friends. i recognize many peoples. however, i just have a few of truth and good friends. 

today i would like to say something to one of my really precious, true and extremely best friend--Karman. =)

Karman Tee 

there she is--> my beloved karman!

p/s: honey, sorry for stalking your picture form your FB to my blog. =p

well, we knew each other since 5 years ago. even though we quarreler and never talked to each other for a few months, but lastly we be together again! i knew it has been a past tense, but i still wanna talk about it. 

honey, you started to hate me because i said you're stupid. this is the reason you gave to me. i explained to you that i'm not the one who said you stupid. Is a girl, she wrote that fucking "stupid" word in a piece of paper and showed it to you. she blamed me that i wrote this, i said you're stupid. it makes you pissed me off. actually did you ever think the reasons why i "said" you stupid? ("said"-->blamed by that idiot girl). 
that time we're just form one, which means that our physical and mental are not mature yet. that's why we still act like small kids. i still remember who that girl are. i never like her. she's a very fake person. 

i talk about it, because i mind it very much, really. that's why i still wanna tell you the truth. 

i don't wanna care about betrayed-or-not-betrayed issues. and i doesn't really care about it. As long as we never and ever betrayed each other from now on ( actually it seems to be a long time ago we aren't betrayed each other.) 

actually i really wanna talk to you every single time in the class, but unfortunate we both have no time...=(
i really appreciate the time we been together. this year is the last year we been in the same school and the same class. i know we would still be very good friends in the future. 

you said you will be my bridesmaid (or i be yours) in the future, and your kids will calling me "Auntie Ally". 
you like "Ally", sounds sweet right? but i don't feel like having a child in my future. so let me call you "karman auntie" =p

i'm planning to go to singapore next year. and hope you with me too. i don't mind you bring your matthew kim. but the two guys will be totally bored enough. because we will keep chatting until mid night. LOL

whenever i upset, you'll always be there for me. of course, i'll still standing there for you anytime. one call will rush to you if i own a car. (hey, why sounds like i'm guy and prepare to propose to a woman?!) 
whatever, i just wanna let you know that i really cherish you, love you, wanna hug you forever! =)

i hope we're like teddy, always been together ! =)

karman, i HEART you and LOVE you so much! we're still friends no matter we're live or dead! BEST FRIEND FOREVER EVER AND EVER............!!!

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