Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free from EXAMS!!

finally free from mid-term exams! feel not that stressed anymore.

well, this holiday i'll upload many photo as i can. i prefer to upload to my blog more than in my pc.
many photos took a long time ago but finally i have time and mood to upload,

there are photos from resorts and hotels.
i'll also upload some sky's photo.

let you guys know what resorts' photo i'll upload:

1. Renaissance Hotel, Melaka

2. Presidential Suite, Everly Resort, Melaka

3. Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

some of the hotels' name i forgot. but i'll check it out from my dad.

i have my blogging mood, that's why i update my blog frequently (from now on! LOL)

okay, stop my posting here. gotta go out for dinner with my family (which is i'm not enjoy at all!)

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