Saturday, May 21, 2011

*angry bird*

A: "hey, did you play angry bird?!"

B: "yup yup!!! it's freaking fun!"

C: "i don't think that stupid game is fun."


现在全世界的人都为angry bird疯狂着,是现今超夯的游戏。



now i'm crazing for angry bird!! i'm a angry-bird freak now :D

they look kinda noob but it's cute

now everywhere is selling angry bird items.

my hubby bought me a mobile phone strap for me :D

the small bird looks totally cute.


yup! i like that red bird! it'e freaking cute!! :D

by the way, i'm still playing the original angry bird version. i'm not really like to play angry bird RIO. i think it's hard (my own opinion)

i like angry bird season. but i cannot play that with my google chrome browser, so normally i borrow my friend's phone to play that version.

google chrome only available original angry bird version...=(

these are the stupid green pigs that you need to kill them with your angry bird.

control your catapult and shoot each of them, then you passed a level.

The angry bird is about

and i introduce some of the birds character here:

the black color angry bird

the chubby white bird

and here comes the main character--The angry bird!

next will be the yellow triangle-look-bir

here is the smallest bird: little blue angry bird

here's the whole family of angry birds (include RIOs' bird)

end my blogging here. hope you guys enjoy reading.

good night and have a sweet dreams. (hopefully angry birds will appear in your dream!)


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