Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outing--> Pavilion with sweetie Mun Yee

Today many of my friends were went to the Ekiden Run. I'm not joining because i'm not that active in sports.

Mun Yee also never join. So I dated her to Pavilion today! :D

we watched the "Fast and Furious 5" (Finally!). OMG! Is freaking nice! or i should the movie is totally awesome!

Pavilion is now having the Superheroes Fair, they're selling some shirts which are printed the Superheroes figure and some Superheroes Items. we took some photos there :)

Here's Mun yee with the Superman! I like her smile, is sweet.

We ate Japanese Ramen! :D is nice! i recommended her. and we took some photos in the small restaurant.
This is the ramen we ate! :D Sapporo ramen! :D

Me and my new Chanel purse :D i like that purse very much. Me an Wanteng bought the same purse. we just crazy for it!

We ate the Shimino Japanese Crepes. Is freaking nice! i recommended her too. I eat that every time i go to Pavilion. and i order the same flavor every time for no reason. =/

After we bought the crepes, i bring her to the Dome Cafe and have a tea.
i ordered Earl Grey Tea.

Okay. she captured it when i was eating my biscuits and wanna drink my tea, i never realized when she captured.

and finally, we took some pix the toilet...=.=

Have a great day with her! :D She likes to smile. she always has a sweet and charm smile. But this doesn't goes to me. I'm really to smile when take pictures because i have baby face. so when i smile, my face looks round and fat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free from EXAMS!!

finally free from mid-term exams! feel not that stressed anymore.

well, this holiday i'll upload many photo as i can. i prefer to upload to my blog more than in my pc.
many photos took a long time ago but finally i have time and mood to upload,

there are photos from resorts and hotels.
i'll also upload some sky's photo.

let you guys know what resorts' photo i'll upload:

1. Renaissance Hotel, Melaka

2. Presidential Suite, Everly Resort, Melaka

3. Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

some of the hotels' name i forgot. but i'll check it out from my dad.

i have my blogging mood, that's why i update my blog frequently (from now on! LOL)

okay, stop my posting here. gotta go out for dinner with my family (which is i'm not enjoy at all!)

Monday, May 23, 2011


i have many friends. i recognize many peoples. however, i just have a few of truth and good friends. 

today i would like to say something to one of my really precious, true and extremely best friend--Karman. =)

Karman Tee 

there she is--> my beloved karman!

p/s: honey, sorry for stalking your picture form your FB to my blog. =p

well, we knew each other since 5 years ago. even though we quarreler and never talked to each other for a few months, but lastly we be together again! i knew it has been a past tense, but i still wanna talk about it. 

honey, you started to hate me because i said you're stupid. this is the reason you gave to me. i explained to you that i'm not the one who said you stupid. Is a girl, she wrote that fucking "stupid" word in a piece of paper and showed it to you. she blamed me that i wrote this, i said you're stupid. it makes you pissed me off. actually did you ever think the reasons why i "said" you stupid? ("said"-->blamed by that idiot girl). 
that time we're just form one, which means that our physical and mental are not mature yet. that's why we still act like small kids. i still remember who that girl are. i never like her. she's a very fake person. 

i talk about it, because i mind it very much, really. that's why i still wanna tell you the truth. 

i don't wanna care about betrayed-or-not-betrayed issues. and i doesn't really care about it. As long as we never and ever betrayed each other from now on ( actually it seems to be a long time ago we aren't betrayed each other.) 

actually i really wanna talk to you every single time in the class, but unfortunate we both have no time...=(
i really appreciate the time we been together. this year is the last year we been in the same school and the same class. i know we would still be very good friends in the future. 

you said you will be my bridesmaid (or i be yours) in the future, and your kids will calling me "Auntie Ally". 
you like "Ally", sounds sweet right? but i don't feel like having a child in my future. so let me call you "karman auntie" =p

i'm planning to go to singapore next year. and hope you with me too. i don't mind you bring your matthew kim. but the two guys will be totally bored enough. because we will keep chatting until mid night. LOL

whenever i upset, you'll always be there for me. of course, i'll still standing there for you anytime. one call will rush to you if i own a car. (hey, why sounds like i'm guy and prepare to propose to a woman?!) 
whatever, i just wanna let you know that i really cherish you, love you, wanna hug you forever! =)

i hope we're like teddy, always been together ! =)

karman, i HEART you and LOVE you so much! we're still friends no matter we're live or dead! BEST FRIEND FOREVER EVER AND EVER............!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

*angry bird*

A: "hey, did you play angry bird?!"

B: "yup yup!!! it's freaking fun!"

C: "i don't think that stupid game is fun."


现在全世界的人都为angry bird疯狂着,是现今超夯的游戏。



now i'm crazing for angry bird!! i'm a angry-bird freak now :D

they look kinda noob but it's cute

now everywhere is selling angry bird items.

my hubby bought me a mobile phone strap for me :D

the small bird looks totally cute.


yup! i like that red bird! it'e freaking cute!! :D

by the way, i'm still playing the original angry bird version. i'm not really like to play angry bird RIO. i think it's hard (my own opinion)

i like angry bird season. but i cannot play that with my google chrome browser, so normally i borrow my friend's phone to play that version.

google chrome only available original angry bird version...=(

these are the stupid green pigs that you need to kill them with your angry bird.

control your catapult and shoot each of them, then you passed a level.

The angry bird is about

and i introduce some of the birds character here:

the black color angry bird

the chubby white bird

and here comes the main character--The angry bird!

next will be the yellow triangle-look-bir

here is the smallest bird: little blue angry bird

here's the whole family of angry birds (include RIOs' bird)

end my blogging here. hope you guys enjoy reading.

good night and have a sweet dreams. (hopefully angry birds will appear in your dream!)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super duper fake eye lashes

these pair of eye lashes looks creative and fantastic. imagine you go to a theme party and you wear this eye lashes, it'll be super cool!! i wanna get both of them, i like it very much!

glow in the night. it's amazing.

i'm wondering where got sell these type of eye lashes.


this is weird enough! and it's look ugly too. i'm not encourage you to wear this go out and walk on the street. but if you are brave enough, you may have a try.

omg, this looks awesome! i like it!

p/s: i mean the color match.

well, this type of eye lashes not nice. the feather seems weird and ugly.

okay. i stop my blogging til' here today. will continue to blog soon.