Sunday, November 21, 2010

I miss my Blog

Finally i can update my blog!! miss my blog so much!! xD

My PC spoiled again few weeks ago so i can't blogging for nearly a month. Actually now i'm using my cousin sister's laptop for facebook and blogging.

I stay in my cousin sister's house for a week because my house is doing renovation now. DUHH, someone just kill me off!! is damn bored in the house!! luckily, she din't bring her laptop to work today so i can use it.

I really don't feel like wanna talk about my exams anymore..It's sucks! but, for one thing that i can be very sure is i'll fail chemistry and add maths~ oh yeah, babe! fail again! xD

well, i had dyed my hair since last monday after school~!! is school holiday now~!!

i used the japanese brand--LIESE, a bubble hair colour. It's very easy to use it and you'll have a new look for yoursekf within one hour.

Which i like the most is Milk Tea Brown...!! but my hair colour is chestnut brown...=(

i use this.
i can only see my hair colour under the light. Perhaps, under the sunlight is more obvious..

I kinda like it at first but now feels like wanna change my hair colour...i'm not really like it now..

i don't think my mom will let me dye my hair again, so i think i gonna make it next year after my SPM..

i went to saloon last wednesday and cut a new haircut. it's suit me more compared to my previous hairstyle. now i have a new look and more freshness for myself..

be honest, now i look more cuteee with my new hairstyle...=)

well, i'll upload some of my pix soon =) hope you guys will like it =)

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