Saturday, October 16, 2010

My totally sucks English. I miss you, babe!

I'm using my cousin sister's laptop to update my blog now...She could not install the chinese star language system in her laptop so i just wrote this post in English...

i wanna say that my English is totally worse, this post may be many grammar mistake and broken english too. If you are not interested on reading this post, please close the browser..& visit your facebook =) xD

I'm usually use chinese to write a post so I'm not used to it that using english to write a post now.


I miss him a lot. I don't know when we can meet again.

Be honest, I don't feel like wanna wrote few hundred words in this post. I'll just paste some images. Hope you guys could understand what i wanna say via those pix.

I miss you even when we're talking.

I'll just pretend to hug you when you get here.

I gonna hug you badly when i saw you.

Hug me!

Come and hug me, honey! :D

Hug me if you love me. XD

Kitty miss you! =(

Just feel so lonely if you are not around with me =(

I'll sit at a dark corner and hug myself tightly when i miss you.

We can kiss if yor're here =(

Even cats can kiss anytime as long as they want.

True love never dies even had passed a thousand centuries.

True love will not have an end point no matter how long it's passed.

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