Saturday, October 23, 2010


I never try before that update my blog in the midnight, this is the first time... xD 
& It's kinda fun..!

Well, I had figured out many things.

My friends doesn't likes my hubby at all. But some of them maybe try to accept him just because his the person i love. honestly, good to hear that =)
I love my hubby and my friends, i don't wanna lose either one of them...!

About my birhtday wishes:
  1. I wish I could maintain my realationship and my friendships forever and ever =D
  2. I wish my hubby could celebrate my birthday with me. Just both of us and no third party on that day. =D
  3. I wish I could receive a very meaningful birthday gift from my hubby or my buddies. =D
  4. I wish all the persons that i care about could lives healthy and happily. =D
TRUST is very important for a couple.

Actually I won't trust a guy easily. but if i'm not trust my hubby, our relationship will not last long. Thus, what i need to do now is trust him more. He is kinda selfish, me too. Never mind, just try to trust him, believes him count on him. =)
I miss him badly. I just can't forget him for a second. He told me he would come for me next week. I hope he do so.

Okay, i'm definately not feeling well.. gonna drink more water...=(
I don't feel like wanna visit the doctor no matter what unless i caught bad sick. >_<

I don't wanna get sick. =(
Honey, I'm missing you badly. =(

Finally I feel tired. Will stop here. ;)

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