Friday, August 6, 2010

English Post AGAIN--Tioman Island

HOLY CRAP~! My PC is sick again!

The person who suppose to help me to fix my computer is busy now, currently rushing his work til' next i need to wait for two weeks AGAIN...!

This post is an English version post AGAIN, same reason AGAIN=.=

This Resort's PC do not have chinese, so can't even type a chinese word...have to type English=.=

Firstly, i wanna say that my english is totally broken and worse.

Second, i'm staying at the Tioman Island for 3 days 2 night, my dad is one of the HAPA judge and he is judging here--Berjaya Resorts, Pulao Tioman, that's why i'm here using the resort's PC and blogging now.

Third, will be goin' to Kuching, Sarawak next weekend~☻

Forth, start writing my new novel and my buddies are waiting it....

Fifth, next week is my monthly school test, and i'm not even study a word yet=.= Perhaps, i gonna skip my biology and physics test since i'm going to Sarawak...


Well, tioman island is really a very nice place, of course, the seaside is the most beautiful place~

the sand is smooth and the sea is very clear and blue~

i was been here before when i was 10 years old with my auntie's family~

the weather is extramly hot and i'm burning in the afternoon...

[be an melting ice-cream soon]

gonna enjoy my trip~XD

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